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The WPMRR Virtual Summit

Finally, an online conference 100% focused on helping you make monthly recurring revenue work for your WordPress business.

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Sept 23 – 24
Open speaker MRR
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Build a business you can comfortably run, not one that runs you.

Hey, you!

There’s only one certainty when it comes to building a successful WordPress business.

It’s going to be a breeze hard.

You’ll have lots of hurdles to overcome and challenges to tackle. You’ll make lots of mistakes along the way, have plenty of sleepless nights and have to sacrifice time with friends and family.

But it’s 2020 and we need to talk about one way every single business owner can make their lives a little bit (or maybe even a whole lot) easier…

Most people think there’s some “trick” or “growth hack” that will help you grow and scale the company of your dreams.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Can I be frank?

All that talk is bullsh*t.

The truth is…there are a million great paths you can take to grow a successful WordPress businenss.

And I know from personal experience (and from the 100s of WP professionals I’ve chatted with) that monthly recurring revenue can inarguably makes it easier to grow month-over-month.

And that’s why we’re so freakin’ pumped to host the WPMRR 2020 Virtual Summit. Whether your into plugins, themes, page buildiers, hosting, agency or freelance work, or are just starting your journey as a WordPress professional, I hope you’ll join us.

Here’s to making 51% of the web open-source!

Joe Howard, founder & CEO of WP Buffs

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Our coached, practiced speakers will go over every aspect of monthly recurring revenue.

Getting started

If you’re not yet familiar with MRR yet, no worries! We’ll have content around the most important metrics, correct pricing and how to start selling your first subscriptions.

Profits first

Running a profitable business means financial freedom for any small business owner. We’ll have content around pricing subscriptions to ensure profitability over the long-term.

MRR, lifetime value, churn…

If you’re not yet familiar with subscription metrics yet, no worries! We’ll have content around all the most important metrics and how to track them accurately over time.

Driving more revenue every month

Growing businesses should always be trying to drive more revenue. We’ll have content around creating MVP subscriptions, conversion optimization and scaling MRR.

Pricing correctly

Pricing you products or packages will have a big impact on your financials. We’ll have content around pricing experimentation, how to increase pricing and competitor analysis.

Super actionable content

This virtual conference is only great if we deliver content you can use. We’re making sure every speaker gives as many tangible strategies and tactics as humanly possibe.


If you want to run a comfortable, stress-free business, automate. We’ll have content around the best automation tools, creating incredible systems and building a culture of efficiency.

State of the MRR

Understanding the state of WordPress is key to being aroud long-term, so we’ll have a keynote pannel featuring some of WordPress’ brightest and most experienced folks.

Open MRR for all speakers

Every speaker will be fully transparent about their current MRR. That way, you have a clear idea of what stage their business is in and how that relates to the stage of your own business.


Reserve your free seat

Our coached, concise speakers will diving deep into every detail of monthly recurring revenue.

Quentin Gilon

Maddy Osman
The Blogsmith

Christie Chirinos
Nexcess by Liquid Web

Nick Adams
WP Buffs

Angelica Yarde

Hans Skillrud


Dean Burton
WP Buffs

Alexis Pickett
WP Buffs

Akshat Choudhary

Lindsay Halsey
Pathfinder SEO

Beth Livingston
WPRoadmaps and Coaching

Sandy Edwards
GoDaddy Pro

Topher DeRosia

Ben McAdam
Profits Collective

Allie Nimmons
WP Buffs

September 23 – Day 1

Meet & Greet
Opening Remarks
Allie Nimmons
Selling Subscriptions 101: Mastering the Basics of Sales
Hans Skillrud
The 80/20 of Profits: Pricing and Margins in Subscriptions
Ben McAdam
Accepting and Reducing Churn in MRR
Dean Burton
Growing MRR Through Affiliate Sales
Alexis Picket
Building a Multi-Million Dollar ARR Business from a Mistake
Akshat Choudhary
How to Build MRR with SEO
Lindsay Halsey
Closing Remarks
Allie Nimmons
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September 24 – Day 2

Meet & Greet
Opening Remarks
Allie Nimmons
Growing MRR Through Productized Services
Quentin Gilon
Using Systems in Your MRR Strategy
Angelica Yarde
From Freelancer to Agency with MRR: How I’m Building Systems to Scale
Maddy Osman
Understanding Web Hosting Options for MRR Businesses in 2020
Christie Chirinos
Supported Customers Are Paying Customers
Nick Adams
Roundtable: The Relationship Between Community and MRR
Sandy Edwards, Topher DeRosia, Beth Livingston
Closing Remarks
Allie Nimmons
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We’re making speaker MRR public so you can better understand the context in which they run their business.

Knowing where folks are when it comes to monthly recurring revenue will give you context into the stage of their business. Are they just starting out or are they more experienced? This will help you take their strategies, make adjustments and apply it (even if you’re at a different stage).

$45,911 MRR

$1,690 MRR

$79,904 MRR

$10,641 MRR

$297,013 MRR

$27,887 MRR

$115,161 MRR

$80,014 MRR

Become a sponsor

WP Buffs will be donating $1 per registrant to Lawyers for Good Government

In the wake of the 2016 election, an army of more than 125,000 lawyers, law students and activists rose up in defense of the values, principles, individuals and communities that make America a truly great nation.

Their mission is to protect and strengthen democratic institutions, resist abuse of power and systemic injustice, and defend the rights of those who suffer in the absence of good government.

Here’s some of the great work they’re doing:

LAWYERS FOR RACIAL JUSTICE: L4GG is currently building an initiative to combat systemic racism by providing pro bono legal support to front line racial justice organizations across the country. Lawyers for Racial Justice will focus both on creating lasting change through advocacy and responding to the current effects of discriminatory policies.
COVID-19 SMALL BUSINESS & NONPROFIT LEGAL CLINICS: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, L4GG is partnering with thousands of attorneys from more than 140 law firms across the nation to provide microbusiness owners and nonprofit leaders legal advice to create economic stability. To date, L4GG has provided consultations to more than 850 small business owners and nonprofit leaders.
PROJECT CORAZON: In partnership with 40 major law firms, L4GG provides legal assistance to asylum seekers at border crossings and in detention centers through a combination of staff and a network of pro bono lawyers across the country. Since 2018, L4GG has assisted more than 7500 asylum seekers with legal representation they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.
CLIMATE CHANGE: L4GG mobilizes volunteer attorneys across the country to assist municipalities in overcoming legal hurdles in their quest to convert to 100% renewable energy.
Join us in supporting an organization that’s on the front lines of making the world a better place.
Donate to L4GG directly




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✔️ WP Buffs donation of $1 to Lawyers for Good Government

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Over the past 7 years, I’ve always been excited to work on digital events and the WPMRR Virtual Summit is no different. I’m excited to be consulting on this project and am super confident that together, we’ll make this one of the most actionable and authentic online WordPress conferences ever.

WPSessions, WordSesh, WooSesh

The WPMRR Virtual Summit is free, so you have nothing to lose by grabbing your spot. But we’re happy to answer your questions anyway.

What will you do with my email address?

It will be added to our email list in ConvertKit and tagged as WPMRR Summit attendee.

WP Buffs will send you a few emails before the summit. You’ll get an update when we announce conference details, speaker announcements, etc.

Then we’ll probably send you a few emails after the summit as well. We’ll probably ask you for a bit of feedback, what you liked and where we can do better next year.

After that, we may send you some free eBooks, podcast episodes and other free stuff to help you grow your monthly recurring revenue. Boom!

WP Buffs is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we’ll only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you requested from us. From time to time, we would like to contact you about our products and services, as well as other content that may be of interest to you. Bufftastic!


What makes your digital conference so special?

It’s the only online event exclusively focused on where WordPress and monthly recurring revenue meet.

Let’s say you have a Venn diagram with WordPress on one side and MRR on the other, this summit will literally rock the intersection. Boom!

Plus, it’s free.


Can I (or my company) join as a sponsor?

Traditional sponsorships are so boring. You pay us money, we put your logo on the website, thank you during the conference, link out to your website, blah blah blah…

But if you have a cool, non-traditional idea about how you can sponsor, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to email Joe directly or DM him in the Making WordPress or PostStatus Slack groups.


Can I still attend even if I'm not already part of the WordPress community?

We’ll have a few speakers who are very accomplished but not very well known in the WordPress space. This is to encourage WP folks to start to understand subscription services from a SaaS and product perspective, not simply a WordPress one.

In that same vein, while we’ll be chatting a lot about WordPress, you’ll have plenty of learning moments even if you’re not an active member of the WordPress community.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to convert you into the WordPress community cult.


Will there be recording of all the session available after the summit?

You know it!

Honestly, we have’t thought much about what exactly we’ll do with them. There’s a chance we’ll put them behind a paywall (since they’re going to be valuable af) but we’ve been know to give a lot of stuff out for free so that’s definitely what we’re leaning towards.

You will have to actually attend the conference live to be eligible to for all the sick prizes we’re giving away. Just FYI!


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