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E39 – Gandalf on managing company culture for a 20-person team (Kyle Maurer, Sandhills Development)

Starting a company is hard, hiring your first employee is hard, now imagine managing a company of over a dozen people! Only Gandalf can do that…and Kyle Maurer.

Kyle’s job is just that, keeping 20 people all working together smoothly and the company culture thriving. He also tells us why he loves spreadsheets and beer. Not together.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring your 1st employee or your 20th there’s plenty of actionable tips to help you and your business in this episode. Enjoy!

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E38 – Bib Fortuna on running a $10,000,000+ business (Wil Schroter, startups.com)

Bib…well, Wil has been starting startups since before the internet was a thing. He’s got 20+ years of experience founding multiple companies, much of that experience he shares today.

We talk about why it’s not smart to try to do too much at once, what building an internet business was like before your grandma knew what a startup was, and we humanize the inner emotional battle we each go through while working on our companies.

Enjoy and check out his podcast, Startup Therapy!

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E36 – Éowyn on productizing eCommerce email automation (Beka Rice, SkyVerge/Jilt)

If you’re building a team you better love meetings.

Beka shows us how she’s able to manage a team of over twenty people in an engaging and efficient manner, making sure no one feels left out.

We cover topics like converting abandoned carts into sales, the practicalities of email marketing, and pricing of your products and services.

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