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E65 – Ginny Weasley on actively creating more inclusive WordPress world (Allie Nimmons, GiveWP)

Being the youngest from big rambunctious wizarding family certainly doesn’t make you the weakest! Ginny flies in to spread the word on standing strong and prioritizing diversity.

On today’s episode we explore transitioning from your own business to working for another company, the differences between customer service and tech support, and being a POC or minority in the WordPress space.

Tune in to learn how we can continue making the WP space aware and diverse. 

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E64 – Digital nomading when you’re an essential employee

Have you ever considered being a digital nomad and taking on your regular job tasks wherever your soul desires?

On today’s episode, the dynamic duo express how working from home or on the go can still be functional and productive! They give us tips on successful digital nomading such as self care, scheduling, and being honest with yourself and your team.

Tune in to fly out while still taking care of business!


E63 – Superman on making sales and marketing with WordPress easy (Gregory Karelitz, HubSpot)

Superman, the impenetrable man of steel, flies in and gives us solid advice on solutions when running into issues while starting to focus on growth endeavors for your WordPress site. 

On today’s episode we explore how Hubspot provides quality integrations towards keeping a solid customer base, solutions the new plugin solves for end-user experience, and the importance of web page functionality.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Listen in to what Superman has to say!

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E62 – Is the current model of open-source contribution sustainable?

In today’s episode, the dynamic duo discuss the controversial topic of the current model in open source contribution and the nature of it’s sustainability.

We explore the definition and integrity of the WordPress open source project, being mindful of WP politics and decision making through Automattic, and the paradoxical privilege of being able to contribute to WP open source in a capitalistic society. 

This affects all the WP community, so listen in to hear discussions of the current and future notions of open source sustainability!

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E61 – Gandalph and Smeagol on auto-updating privacy policies (Hans & Donata Skillrud, Termageddon)

Do you struggle to keep up with privacy laws required policy changes when it comes to your site? Well today we have Gandalf and Smeagol here to guide you before you toss your site into the volcano of web legality!

Today we explore how Termageddon benefits agencies and you, why compliance to law changes are important for all sites, and how to prepare for upcoming laws.

Listen in to stay complied in the age of Internet Law!

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