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E122 – Should Your Business Take Political Stances or Stay Silent?

In today’s episode, Joe and Christie answer the question: “Should your business be political?” They discuss Expensify’s political move during the recent election, why society benefits from staying out of  politics, the political roots of every business, and how WordPress remains a political space.

Listen in to learn why politics is present when running a business!

What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:20 What are you hiring for?
  • 05:20 What’s up with Joe and Christie?
  • 08:59 Should your business be political?
  • 09:55 Expensify’s political move during the presidential election
  • 14:40 The political stances of everyday functions
  • 19:53 General rule: society benefits from staying out of politics
  • 22:50 Taylor Swift and her apolitical stance
  • 25:19 People support brands that reflect their own values
  • 28:10 Businesses are deeply political
  • 33:30 When it’s not you on top making the decision
  • 43:10 Being political online from a business perspective
  • 45:12 Helping your company make a stand
  • 46:55 People become political to be heard, to have their own voice
  • 51:00 Your business is already political because it exists
  • 56:26 WordPress has opened the gateway for anyone to publish their ideas
  • 59:27 WordPress remains a political space

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E119 – What an Automattic IPO in 2021 means for WordPress Professionals (Brian Krogsgard, Post Status)

In today’s episode, Joe and Christie talk to Brian Krogsgard, the editor of Post Status, a news and information website for WordPress professionals. He also runs Ledger Status, a website with educational content and analysis about the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. 

Joe, Christie, and Brian discuss the possibility of Automattic IPO happening in 2021, the complexity of selling and buying market shares, the impact of WordPress IPO, and a quick but deep dive into BigCommerce going above it’s IPO price.

Listen in to learn more about Initial Public Offering and business liquidity!

What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Welcome to the WPMRR WordPress podcast!
  • 00:24 Let’s meet Brian Krogsgard of Post Status
  • 04:24 Automattic IPO in the future
  • 06:58 How Christie started in the WordPress community
  • 08:33 What is an IPO?
  • 12:15 When Automattic goes public
  • 14:15 BigCommerce valuation is in billions
  • 16:25 What are the other privately-held companies that could IPO?
  • 18:34 The complexity of buying and selling market shares
  • 23:58 What has changed in BigCommerce?
  • 26:24 What is business liquidity
  • 29:08 Is 2021 the year for Automattic IPO?
  • 31:01 $300M raised by Automattic from SalesForce Ventures
  • 32:38 The biggest impact of WordPress IPO
  • 35:19 Automattic has reached the maturing stage
  • 37:47 The effects maturing companies have in the industry
  • 40:40 More consolidation in the WordPress space is significant
  • 43:11 Some alternative solutions will eventually come up to challenge the core process
  • 44:49 WooCommerce will be a dominant product for Automattic

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