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E47 – Working out so it will all work out

“There’s no medication I can prescribe you that will help more with anxiety than exercise…that’s what a doctor with an MD said to me.” – Christie Chrinos

Working out is hard, we all know this!

Images of models and bodybuilders may be coming to your mind right now but the motivation to exercise doesn’t have to come from vanity.

Regular exercise (even just walking more) is great for your mental health, and to run your business to its highest potential, self-care is important.

Starting your side project, company, freelance career was stressful…but wasn’t it worth it? Today we’ll show you why exercise is just as rewarding, if not more so!

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E46 – Boba Fett on starting a freelance career (Sam Smith, gsamsmith.com)

“The closer you get to these huge perceived tasks you’ve got to do, you realize how tiny they are.” – Sam Smith

From putting out fires literally and figuratively, this Boba Fett imposter is just as much of a badass as the original.

In today’s episode, we have fun, we break down mental blocks, and show you what it takes to start your freelance career.

If you’re ready for a career change, know you’re not alone. Listen up to hear how Sam did it and how you can too!

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E45 – Obi-Wan on a different approach to eCommerce (Topher DeRosia, BigCommerce/HeroPress)


“There’s a lot of value in talking to someone who is an eCommerce professional who does not care what platform you’re using.” – Topher DeRosia

When selling online, many people get hung up on the platform (Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce) rather than making their decisions off of principle.

eCommerce is sales…sales is about people, communication, and serving each other in a way that benefits everyone, not just checking out digital shopping carts.

Topher DeRosia goes deep into sales philosophy and despite his title being “WordPress Developer Evangelist for BigCommerce” he tells us a few things to consider before selecting an eComm platform.

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E44 – Veronica Mars on making the web fully accessible (Rachel Cherry, WPCampus)

“It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.” – Rachel Cherry

We have our very own WordPress sleuth on the podcast!

Ever watched your favorite movie with only the subtitles, or used your daily driver software with only your keyboard?

Many of us never even consider the accessibility of the websites and products built and used every day, but for some users, extra accessibility accommodations are a necessity.

That’s where Rachel Cherry comes in! Hear how she’s creating an easier to navigate internet, for literally everyone!

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