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E56 – Rick on launching the fastest plugin by a new company to hit $100,000+ ARR (Vito Peleg, WP Feedback)

This Rick’s no pickle…and his name isn’t even Rick!

Coming from Israel, living in London…Rockstar turned WordPress plugin mastermind, Vito Peleg’s journey from touring with his band, living in his van, and building websites for clients while on the road is truly inspiring.

Listen up to hear how he launched & grew his $100k+ ARR plugin so quickly!

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E55 – Automattic’s $3M acquisition of Tumblr

Do you like Tumblr? Do you like WordPress? What if you could combine the two!? Well that may be an option very soon.

Today we’ll explore Tumblr’s story up to it’s recent acquisition by Automattic – the owner and host of WordPress.com

Could this mean working WordPress into the backend of Tumblr, API support between the two platforms, and ultimately creating an open sources Tumblr? Listen now to find out!

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E54 – Han & Chewie on maintaining their north star (Justin Busa & Brent Jett, Beaver Builder)

In today’s episode, this dynamic duo shows us how staying focused and working collaboratively is the key to achieving your business goals.

We dive into setting intentions and finding core customers, and why every decision we make should begin with them in mind.

So grab your telescope & let’s go stargazing!

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E53 – Bilbo on how to deal with haters (Jason Coleman, Paid Memberships Pro)

Starting a business is hard. Internet trolls are inevitable, but they shouldn’t keep you from crossing the bridge to success.

That’s why in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about the emotional aspects of navigating business relationships – with clients or customers.

Jason also covers building membership sites, how to determine your prices, and how to even raise your prices with your existing client base in such a way they understand. We learned a lot and hope you do too!

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