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E78 – The WPMRR guide to community

This week’s theme is community!

Why it’s important for your business, how & where you should build one, and a few tips to help grow your influence within your unique group.

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E77 – The WPMRR guide to building your WordPress business

Hey there listeners of WPMRR, Joe is going to be out for the next few weeks, as he is currently on parental leave!

That’s right, in case you haven’t heard… Joe is a DAD!

In the meantime, we’re keeping the content flowing with themed compilations, this week’s theme is “The WPMRR guide to building your WordPress business”

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E76 – Fingolfin on building a startup social network that actually makes people productive (Courtland Allen, Indie Hackers)

Coming from the land of north-western Middle Earth called Beleriand, the strong and valiant Second King of the Nolder is here to chat with us.

In this episode, we talk about Indie Hackers and the benefits of creating a community for coders, life as a twin, and what it’s like being acquired.

Hackers, are you in? If not, listen in!

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E75 – Vibe on successful Product Hunt & AppSumo launches (Araks Nalbandyan, 10Web)

Genius and molecular manipulator, Vibe, takes a break from engineering and averting crisis to stop in and chat with us.

We talk about 10Web and the advantages of using it, a few important aspects in marketing, and the use of Product Hunt and AppSumo towards successful launch.

Tune in and vibe with us.

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Discount code: wpmrr10web

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